Health and Safety in Material Handling Equipment

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Material handling equipment plays a vital to business operations, specifically to those that rely on heavy goods and parts to be distributed through the workplace and to delivery channels. For this reason, it is imperative that the handling of large materials is done in a safe and efficient manner in order to prevent health and safety risks to staff members. There are a number of ways companies can approach creating this type of workplace environment. First, it is highly recommended that employees are made aware of the typical hazards they are likely to face when handling materials such as: poorly maintained lifting devices, damaged racking, exceeding load limits and material handling whilst on ladders, stools etc. Not only this, employees must also be taught how to prevent such hazards from occurring. This can be done by providing clear training programs and courses on how to operate material handling equipment as well as how to manage typical high-risk health and safety situations. 

As part of a training program, it is good to set simple guidelines and provide useful tips to employees on how to prevent material handling hazards. For supervisors, it is important to ensure all workers comply with OHSA (Occupational Health & Safety Act) regulations and to perform due diligence to prevent injury from material handling. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of a supervisor to ensure equipment and facilities are safe and in working order. For workers themselves, duties must be performed in compliance with OHSA regulations and it is essential that hazards and OHSA violations are reported to a supervisor or employer as soon as they are noted. These are basic, fundamental principles that all companies must adhere to if health and safety regulations are to be met. 

As a way of making this easier to achieve, many companies now are integrating advanced technology with their material handling equipment in the form of “mobile device management systems”. These systems enable companies to connect their technology hardware to their back-end systems to greatly enhance the visibility and information managers have at hand when making decisions. This optimised visibility of equipment and workers allows a company to manage its occupational health and safety with greater efficiency. Moving forward then, material handling equipment is set to become safer to operate as more technology is utilised. As a result, the current, high-risk nature of material handling may soon be a thing of the past if equipment and training continues to improve.  

Established in 2016, Air Tech Innovations Limited is an engineering company based in the North West of England. Air Tech specialise in air cargo equipment, with services ranging from design and manufacture to installation and servicing across the United Kingdom and beyond. The Mobile Scissor Lift for example is a unique and advanced product supplied by Air Tech which offers an alternative mode of transport for air cargo. Battery powered and fully manoeuvrable, a single operator can lift, move and transfer loads up to 6,800 kg when using the Mobile Scissor Lift.

Further to this, Air Tech also design and manufacture post and parcel handling systems, including conveyor powered roller conveyor and telescopic conveyors. Air Tech's aim is to provide a quality service at a competitive price using its years of industry knowledge to satisfy the customer. Working with customers on a national or worldwide basis, Air Tech will develop customers ideas and turn them into a reality.

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