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Additional Services We Provide for Your Cargo Handling Needs

Safety Improvements

  • Addition of finger stops around equipment edges
  • Addition of powered, automated pallet stops at ends of conveyor
  • Barrier, pedestrian and vehicle protection

Automation Improvements

  • Automation of existing materials handling equipment
  • Addition of powered drives to gravity equipment
  • Addition of sensors to exiting conveyor

Spare Parts

Spare parts supply for any materials handling equipment from any manufacturer. Including advising which items would be best kept on customers shelves or could be ordered in quickly enough to not require customer to hold on site.

Servicing and Maintenance

Full planned preventative maintenance of any materials handling equipment as well as providing spare parts packages and reactive maintenance works. Including reporting repair costs per asset to ensure that replacement equipment would not be a more financially viable option.


Improvements to existing materials handling systems including upgrades of control panel switch gear, inverters and PLCs. Motors upgrades, offering improved efficiency and service time. Improvements to mechanical items such as bearings, chains and sprockets.

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