Castor Deck

A3 CD 2600x3315 E 508 B 1
A3 CD 2600x3315 E 508 B 2
A3 CD 2600x3315 I 508 B 1
A3 CD 2600x3315 I 508 B 2
A3 CD 2600x3315 I 508 C 1
A3 CD 2600x3315 I 508 C 2

Castor Decks for Efficient Pallet Movement and Handlingk

Castor Decks are designed for moving aircraft pallets or ULDs through a manual or semi-manual cargo system. This allows personnel to move the pallet in any direction.

The freight can be rotated in tight spaces allowing personnel to push or pull the product in the direction required.


  • Safe working load up to 6,800 kg
  • Width 2,600mm
  • Conveyor height 508 mm +/- 50mm
  • Galvanised and/or powder coated
  • Castor Diameter 58mm
  • Castor per sq. metre 15pc
  • Type of castor Colson JBPN 058-CC1/ AT16 or AT12.7
  • Finger Stops 65mm wide x 20mm thick - when raised they protrude 80mm above castor
  • Perforated deck plates outdoor usage
  • Durbar checker plate indoor usage

Operating Height:

508 mm


3,315 mm (L)
2,600 mm (W)

If non-standard dimensions are required, please contact our sales department and one of our sales engineers will assist you.

  • Weighing Station complete with Load Cells and Digital Display
  • Lift-Up Pallet Stops 65 mm wide x 20 mm thick
  • Protection Barrier
  • Litter Skirts

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Case Studies

Air Tech have undertaken a number of manufacturing and installation projects for large blue chip clients working within Materials Handling equipment in the cargo sector.

Who Air Tech Innovations work with…


testimonial dnta

Air Tech Innovations provide maintenance service for our mechanical handling systems at Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow.

We also rely on Air Tech to provide fabrication services and solutions to solve the operational problems we face, our business is time sensitive and our service expectation is high. Should we suffer a breakdown of equipment we expect our supplier to be on site at the earliest possible time, in the period Air Tech Innovations have worked with us, they have never failed to get us back on line and ready to meet the demands we face.

I can honestly say that I would have no reservations in recommending this company as a trusted supplier and one which we intend to continue to have a close relationship with

General Manager at Building 300 Manchester Airport - United Kingdom
testimonial swissport

Air Tech Innovations Limited provides maintenance and servicing on our fixed assets at our Manchester Cargo facility under a maintenance agreement and has done so for the past 5 years.

They have not only provided us with an extremely robust maintenance service, but have assisted in many other areas of our business including manufacturing and fabrication of specialised equipment, installation and dilapidation / strip outs of premises across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

During this time they have provided a very reliable services and would have no hesitation in recommending them to others

General Manager Swissport United Kingdom and Ireland