Global Cargo Handling Equipment Market Expected to Grow

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The future state of the cargo handling equipment industry is set to be a healthy one. By 2025, the market value of the industry is expected to reach an all-time high of £22.3 billion, up from £16 billion in 2018. Various reports have concluded the market is to grow over the next decade due to efforts toward cargo equipment automation and the rising demand for electric and hybrid equipment to achieve lower emissions and fuel consumption. Increased demand in the Asia-Pacific region is also expected to be a significant factor in driving substantial growth in the industry during the forecasted period.

What’s more, continued technological developments, particularly in the air cargo sector are set pave the way for more productive, energy efficient solutions in the coming years, encouraging even further growth. Market research by Data Bridge on the other hand has indicated that the rising costs of cargo handling machines and a lack of synchronisation may prove to be market restraints in the near future. Despite this, Data Bridge along with several other leading reports have all concluded that that the cargo handling equipment market is certain to experience rapid growth by 2025, thus cementing itself as one of today’s most prosperous industries.

Air Tech Innovations Limited is an engineering company based in the North West of England. Established in 2016, Air Tech specialise in air cargo handling systems, with services ranging from design and manufacture to installation and servicing across the United Kingdom and beyond. The Truck Dock Lift for example is designed to transfer cargo from landside vehicles and trucks to a cargo handling system. Hydraulic powered stops at each end of the powered transfer deck raise and lower to allow for transfer and a safe working load of up to 13,660kg.

Further to this, Air Tech also design and manufacture post and parcel handling systems, including conveyor powered roller conveyor and telescopic conveyors. Air Tech's aim is to provide a quality service at a competitive price using its years of industry knowledge to satisfy the customer. Working with customers on a national or worldwide basis, Air Tech will develop customers ideas and turn them into a reality. For more information, contact a member of our team today on 01695 420 066 or contact us here.


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