Powered Roller Bed NEL Image 2

Powered Roller Beds

Powered Roller beds are designed for moving Air Craft Pallets throughout a cargo system. With the beds being powered, this helps the operator to move the Air Craft Pallets easier and more efficiently and removing any manual handling with moving freight from Point A to B.

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2 Way Slave Pallet Image 5

2 Direction Slave Pallets

2 Direction Slave Pallets are designed and built to your exact requirements to provide you with a completely flexible and easy way to transport and store cargo pallets.

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Castor Deck Image 4

Castor Decks

Castor beds are designed for moving Air Craft Pallets / bins throughout a manual / semi manual cargo system. This allows the operator to move the pallet in four directions.

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Pallet Distributor Image 3

Pallet Distributors

Pallet Distributors are designed to transport Air Cargo and are ideal for a mixed modal or temporary warehouse.

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